Best Capture Page Creator Overview-It`s Scary!!

(Dave created it just before Halloween 2016!)


One Dollar Trial!  Easily create capture pages that stand you out from the majority.Back with large non copyrighted> images <in any subject, even traffic exchanges.. if you really think you`ll benefit!

If using traffic exchanges, for example, think how many times have you clicked past generic capture pages? Have you lost many dollars through using generic capture pages?

Imagine the advantage you`ll have using your own unique capture pages, e.g. in mailers of traffic exchanges. You can instantly add a Google background image or video.

Otherwise that`s money lost perhaps never to be recovered! There`s a marketing suite included that has a no fluff, no BS hard hitting video related to FACEBOOK advertising. If trying unsuccessfully to advertise physical products in FB!

I found advertising physical products within traffic exchange services is a waste of time. However, for physical product promotions within Facebook here`s not to be missed training.. Look for #2 FACEBOOK TRAINING link within..


The capture page building, autoresponder, and business suite are covered at each stage with video training.

Traffic Profit Pro:Training related to marketing with traffic exchanges. “My Secret Traffic Building Tricks That I Use To Skyrocket My Business”.


 >>TRAFFIC EXCHANGE ACCELERATOR<< Use several TEs together whilst keeping w/TE terms!

Below:CEO Marketing Path Inc. Banner Maker.

Here`s just a filler to keep the Mighty Goog contented: If planning to include mailers in your promotions, you should keep a Gmail address just for this. You may well receive 100s of mailings a day.

It`s also important to add the associated payment Gmail details to Paypal, or other payment service, into the chosen traffic exchange services and/or exchange mail profiles. Miss that and you won`t get paid when recruiting!

For paid to click (PTC) Traffic Marketplace is well worth looking into. It is accessed from the banner below.

Update Oct 16 Email: Business: billionaireboyswear @ Music: musiccoverstoo @  >Twitter < Shaun A Leggott- the CD and vinyl record stacking dude.




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    1. I don`t see that it`s that important. The only benefit, other than hiding ugly looking links, is that it helps stop people cheating you, e.g. by cutting off affiliate links for example. It was estimated 18pc of marketers do makes no difference to them, but who really understands the human psyche?..

      It shouldn`t be done in the dating opportunity I successfully promote. If you do, it might look ok, but it won`t work correctly. There`s several services around offering masking. Shaun – Twitter

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